Monday, May 26, 2008

Windsor Tornado Damage

On Thursday, May 22, a large tornado touched down in Windsor, Colorado. This was a surprise to a lot of people since we do not get many tornados this close to the mountains. And if they do happen, they are usually not very strong.

On Saturday, we went up to look at the damage and we even more surprised to see how the tornado had wreaked havoc to the small town. It looks like it really hit the main residential area which is sad.

Below is only one small section of the residential destruction. I imagine every house with a blue tarp has its roof blown off. Many are totally destroyed.

Windsor Tornado Damage residential aerial
Some large buildings were demolished as shown below:
Windsor Tornado Damage businesses aerial
In this picture you can see a number of buildings demolished, but one in the center that is untouched.
Windsor Tornado Damage businesses aerial
We have more pictures if you are interested: Windsor Tornado Damage Gallery

If you have need of the pictures, please let us know. We are sad to see all this destruction and are willing to help wherever we can.

Debbie Cruikshank:

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