Friday, August 29, 2008

Democratic National Convention Aerial Pictures

We take pictures for all types of needs. This past weekend, we were asked to take pictures of the Democratic National Convention. This was a special one to be asked to do. It only happens every 4 years, and it has not been in Denver since 1908. In order to not cause any problems for security, these pictures were taken the day before the convention started.

Here is an overall picture of the site. The area includes Invesco Field in the foreground, the Pepsi Center in the background, and quite a few tents that were erected specifically for the convention.

Democratic National Convention Aerial Picture
Here is a little closer in to show the Pepsi Center with all the tents that were constructed for the convention.

Democratic National Convention Aerial Picture

Then closer yet is just the Pepsi Center where all the main activities were from Monday-Wednesday.

Democratic National Convention Aerial Picture: Pepsi Center

If you have any need of photographs near these areas around the convention, please let us know.

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